cheez-its & applesauce
what more could
you ask for?
Probably the last time I’ll see this on my hand #21days (at The Belmont)
Productivity? Or procrastination?
#bestfriends #squirrelcookie #narwhal
Watching the sunset with my ladies @stephanie_schulz @adallacqua  @devinigel  (at Covert Park at Mt. Bonnell)
Trying to be productive with a brownie and chai to help.  (at Buon Giorno Coffee)
So socialable. @katieeldredge @cezimo @stephanievanicek
*Fancy* hot dog (at Frank Restaurant)
@katieeldredge1, the beautiful #missamerica
Waving to Santa! #merrychristmaseve
My entertainment for tonight: Mom and Aunt Rosie “practicing” Baby It’s Cold Outside with Nana
Squarebob Snowpants says “Welcome Home!” #christmasattheembrys
Just hanging out in nature with my ladies @devinigel and @s_schulz  (at Downtown Wimberley)
Occupy Parking Lots (with Persian Rugs), 2012
Installation View, Dimensions Variable